Newsletter (1)

You are here because

of what is about to happen, somebody changing her name to ZoOm, Horace Goldin cutting a metaphor in half, symmetry shimmering, more emails to follow;

of that conversation we once had on the street. You called it a cafe though. In fact it is a fat city1;

of these two pairs of 3D glasses you were wearing that night. “8D!” I said. 

you’ve received Antanas Gerlikas’ dream that carried a compressed version of Lithuania’s invocation at the 55th Venice Biennale;

you thought that Darius Miksys’ childhood could be the best tool to re-engineer your own childhood or to restart it right away with new chances2;

transformed from a gallery in Brussels to a flying carpet with editorial capacity;

Spotted Raphael
, the iridescent satellite of oO, is tweeting from the intersections of life and time. Trust me—it is spotless;

you came to the Hypnotic Show in Kassel summer  of 2012;

you are fact checking 2013, or are about to steal a cell phone;

you are here.


1. This same approach to awareness is akin to what I call the ‘geunculus’, the way in which we map events, objects and surroundings that are close to us, or of which we have had a strong or repeated experience as being enlarged. It is the way we map our world and memories into our mind, just as our senses are mapped into the “homunculus”, a part of the brain that registers sensory inputs. If I think of my home and how it relates to my street and city, the door knob and key slot is actually quite huge, the door is big, the path leading to the street is smaller, the street on which I live is still smaller and the city itself spreads out even smaller, as my experience of it is less personal and less thorough.


2. Speaking of ‘contingency managers’. Beware of ideas that grow on you. Cactus-shaped experiences. Fully developed half-lines. Hairy divisions. Or better: a hairy fact with two legs. Being checked. Two countries growing on a wall. Myths, monsters, clocks, true feelings, pretty new dresses, dancing and all that. Yes, we have met already.